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Trilby, by George du Maurier

Articles, photos, and comments acquired by Richard Riley through scanning, internet copying, and original source documents
Also, see links to the Play, 1915 Movie, and 1931 Movie by returning to the Trilby, Florida home page.

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smithsonian.htm Scanned article from December 1993. Magazine compliments of Denny Mihalinec, Trilby, FL 17 sec download - no graphics
harper.htm  example and link to scans of original Harpers Monthly of 1895. 1 min download - 1 graphic
tersely.htm 1890's Advertising pamphlet for Bromo-Seltzer -- Summary of Story 23 sec download - 1 graphic


victorianweb.htm literature, history and culture in the age of Victoria -- discussion 36 seconds.  minor graphics
1915rev.htm 1915 movie reviews 18 seconds   mostly text
plot.htm Plot summary of Trilby and Peter Ibbetson from Plot Summary Book 19 seconds  text