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Cover of book, "Trilby" by DuMaurier and four drawing from it.  I posted this in 2003, and later Susan Alderson found me a copy of the original book that these were copied from.  So now, I have the originals of these five.  Thank you again, Sue.

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'Whistful and Sweet' (Trilby O'Farrell).

George DuMaurier (novelist and illustrator)




George Du Maurier(1834-1896) , a Frenchman who lived in London and worked for Punch, created a sensation with his second novel, Trilby, the story of Trilby O'Ferrall, an artist's model, who is transformed into a successful singer under the spell of the evil musical genius, Svengali. Soap, songs, dances, toothpaste, and a town in America were all named for the heroine.  A soft felt hat with an indented crown (worn in the London stage production of a dramatization of the novel) is still called a trilby. The plot inspired Gaston Leroux's 1910 potboiler, Phantom of the Opera.

George du Maurier was the  grandfather of the novelist Daphne du Maurier and of the Llewelyn-Davies boys who inspired Peter Pan.