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Trilby, Florida is an old, small rural community that was a railroad hub in the first half of the 20th century.  It is located in the northeast corner of Pasco County.  The community was named after the 1894 novel, Trilby, by George Du Maurier.  This web page provides information about both the community area and the novel and subsequent plays and movies.

Trilby, Florida  33593 Trilby, the novel by George Du Maurier Trilby, the 1915 movie Svengalli, the 1932 movie Lacoochee, Florida  33537 and Trilachoochee
Northeast Pasco County Growth Development Trains in Trilby and Ownesboro Junction Trilby United Methodist Church & Rose Sims Pasco County History Trilby, FL Area Links
La Svengali, the 1951 Famous Authors Illustrated Comic Book The Tale of Trilby, 
Tersely Told 
(advertising pamphlet)
Trilby Estates
A new development
South of Trilby
From Boomtown to Ashes, Trilby, FL
by Scott Black (c1990s)
Jeff Cannon's
history of the 
Trilby Colored Cemetery

  Richard and Kathy Riley's Presentation 
to the Pasco County Comprehensive Plan Overlay Process
(This document is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Trilby Community Association.)

Quality, Not Quantity, Is Needed In East Pasco (8/14/05)
Richard Riley's published editorial of comments to the Development Review Committee, mid July 2005

1976 Published Narrative Histories of Trilby and Lacoochee -- History of Pasco County site

Two articles about Trilby from History of Pasco County by Jeff Miller

Article about Rose Sims and the Trilby Methodist Church

September 2003 Article about Lacoochee in St. Pete Times

September 2005 Article about Wilton Simpson and Egg Farm

Trilacoochee historical trail description (1999)

George DuMaurier and his novel, Trilby.  
    Novel Reviews
about the author and Svengali, 
from the Book.
(The community of Trilby was named for the heroine of the book)
A Playbill of a dramatic production of the novel -- 1895

Dade City information:
Kumquat Festival
Dade City Government and Chamber of Commerce
Historical signs

Tribune Article about "Colored Cemetery" and Scott Black

Orange Belt Railway information:

This rail line ran through Trilby, Blanton, etc to St. Petersburg, FL

For other sites about Trilby, Florida, see the TCA links page:


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