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Trilby Estates

Photos of land as of May, 2006  

Site Plan and Details


Article submitted and printed in Pasco County News of May 18

Article in Pasco County News of May 25 

Editorial by Richard Riley.  Published by Pasco Tribune as "Letter to the Editor." June 2, 2006

Article in Pasco County News of June 8

Article published in Pasco County News on June 22, 2006

Article in St. Pete Times June 22, 2006

Letter to the Editor by Denny Mihalinec June 25, 2006 Pasco Tribune

Article published in Pasco County News on July 6, 2006

January 2007 update

Petition distributed June 3, 2006 and presented to the BOCC by Denny Mihalinec, June 20, 2006

Presentation by Richard Riley before the Board of County Commissioners, Tuesday, June 20, 2006, concerning a multi-use trail incorporating the abandoned rail bed.

Next meetings concerning Trilby Estates are:


Because the conditions of the application was changed from 95 lots to 85 by the BOCC on June 20, the developer needs to decide if he will continue his plans.
If he does, the next step will be with the Development Review Committee.  A date of that presentation will be announced in the future.


full text of MPUD applciation in Adobe .pdf format is at:

(This is a large file.  About 350k, or 14 pages.)


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