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Greater Trilby Community Association


Articles of Incorporation

Ratified by Board of Directors:  September 23, 2004


Article I - Corporation Name


The name of this Corporation shall be the Greater Trilby Community Association, Inc., which may hereinafter be referred to as the Association.


Article II – Principal Office


The principal office of the Association shall be maintained at the Greater Trilby Community Building, 37452 Trilby Road, Dade City, Florida 33523.  This office is located in the community of Trilby.  The Association mailing address is P.O. Box 6, Trilby, FL, 33593-0006.


Article III – Purpose


Section 1.  The purposes for which the Association is organized are exclusively charitable, religious, educational, scientific and literary within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as revised September 1998 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.

Section 2.  The Association exists to provide community-based programs and services to citizens in the greater Trilby area, as it seeks to attain its goals and ideals; to interpret and communicate these goals and ideals to the citizens in the greater Trilby area; and to provide services and facilities for the general benefit of the area that the Association serves.

Section 3.  The Association shall be nondiscriminatory in policy and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, religious denomination, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, gender or age in administration of any of its activities.


Article IV – Manner of Election


Section 1.  The Board of Directors, referred to as the “Board” in these articles of incorporation, shall consist of not less than five (5) nor more than eleven (11) members.


Section 2.  The Directors shall be elected for terms of two years from nominees at an annual meeting and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.  At the first election, a simple majority of the Directors will be elected for two-year terms and the remaining will be elected for one-year terms.  Thereafter, all will be elected for two-year terms, with approximately half of the members facing election each year, thereby creating staggered Board membership.


Article V – Initial Directors and/or Officers

Denny Mihalinec 19450 Old Trilby Road, Dade City, FL  33523, President, board member

Karyn Pirrello, 20340 Paso Fino Way, Dade City, FL  33523, Vice President, board member

Richard K Riley 20235 Old Trilby Road, Dade City, FL  33523, Secretary, board member

Kathleen Fink, 20600 Old Trilby Road, Dade City, FL  33523, Treasurer, board member

Herb Green, 20950 Beaver Road, Dade City, FL 33523Έ board member


Article VI - Registered Agent


Pursuant to Section 607.0505 of Florida Statutes, the Registered Agent for the Association shall be Denny Mihalinec, of 19450 Old Trilby Road, Dade City, FL  33523, who has submitted a letter of consent stating that he has accepted appointment to this position.


Article VII – Incorporator

The person completing these forms for the Association is Richard K Riley, of 20235 Old Trilby Road, Dade City, FL  33523.


Having been named as registered agent to accept service of process for the above stated corporation at the place designated in this certificate, I am familiar with and accept the appointment as registered agent and agree to act in this capacity.




Signature/Registered Agent                                          Date



Signature/Incorporator                                                 Date










Department of State

Division of Corporations

P. O. Box 6327

Tallahassee, FL 32314


SUBJECT: Greater Trilby Community Association, Inc.




Enclosed is an original and one(1) copy of the Articles of Incorporation and a check for :



Filing Fee &      

Certificate of Status




Richard K Riley

Name (Printed or typed)

P. O. Box 6


Trilby, FL  33593

City, State & Zip


352 583-4994

Daytime Telephone number


NOTE: Please provide the original and one copy of the articles.






September 23, 2004



Greater Trilby Community Association

P. O Box 6

Trilby, FL 33593




Pursuant to Section 607.0505 of Florida Statutes, I consent to and accept the appointment as the Registered Agent for the Greater Trilby Community Association.






Denny Mihalinec


19450 Old Trilby Road

Dade City, FL  33523