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Thank you for considering using PayPal 
to make a donation to the 
Greater Trilby Community Association, Inc. of Trilby, FL   
for the Trilby Bike Rally "Tour de Trilby" 

Using the Pay Now button below, please follow the instructions on the PayPal pages. 

On the "Pay $30.00 Now" page, please click on the "Add special instructions for the Merchant" and type in your name or the name of the person you are registering.

Registration requires a donation of $30 for each Trilby Bike Rally Participant Registration  

Be certain you have ALSO sent an e-mail with your name, address and t-shirt size to as described in the registration page.


Because I haven't figured out how to do multiple items, you will have to do this for each person you are registering.  
Hopefully, next year I will know how to do this better.

Thank you


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