Minutes of GTCA Executive Committee meeting, December 12, 2005



Herb Green, President

Karyn Pirrello, Vice-Chair

Richard Riley, Secretary

Jeremiah Fink, Youth

Kathy Riley, Editor


This was the first meeting of the Executive Committee, replacing the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.  Herb explained that this is not a voting or governing committee, but a operations committee where the TCA leadership can plan the agenda for the next general meeting, discuss monthly events, and see to the daily operation of the Association without bothering the Board of Directors.  It will not assume any of the Board’s duties, and only exists as a committee convened by the President.


In Kim’s absence, Richard reported that he had received the bank statements and that he had forgotten to forward them to Kim.  He would do that soon. 

Present balance is $405.05 after a check to the Dade City Chamber of Commerce for $30 for the parade, and $24 to Kathleen Fink for luncheon supplies.


Richard presented the minutes of the last Board of Directors meeting. 


Old Business:

Christmas party is this Thursday.  We were not very prepared, and the following discussion was to solve that. 

Scott will present a “fireside chat” about growing up in Trilby

Herb has purchased simple items that can go in small Christmas favors to give out to children.

Karyn will not be in town on Thursday.

Herb will contact Cassie or Bernadette to see if they could gather some children for the event.

The theme will be like a family get-together.  Chat about life in Trilby.



Herb reported that the phone will be installed on Wednesday.  It will be $69 installation, $28.69 / month


The computers for ACCESS are in the church.  We need a file cabinet that may be available through DCF.


Richard has made the lock box and installed new deadbolt clocks in the Community Center.  New keys will be made for those who presently use the center.


Herb took up a collection for the Mihalinecs as a family in the community.


Kathleen and family are in charge of the can cage for habitat.


We need to plan for a yard sale in conjunction with the Methodist Church.


Next meeting will be January 16 with the regular Board of Directors.