M06aug18.htm --  Posted August 19, 2006  (Return to Executive Board)

Minutes of the August 18, 2006 GTCA Executive Board Meeting as recorded by Kathy Riley


The meeting was called to order at 6:20 p.m. by Herb Green, GTCA President.  Executive Board members present were Scott Black, Marlene Nichols, Kathleen Fink, and Kathy Riley.


The Executive Board agreed to present to the board at the August 21st meeting the following items:


1. Acceptance of the resignations of Karyn Pirrello and Juan Garay;


2. Acknowledgement of movement to the Advisory Board of Cassie Coleman, Isa Blanford, Pastor Dave Raley and Sierra O’Neal.  Movement of these members to the Advisory Board coupled with the two resignations lower the number of board members to eight (8), which means five (5) board members now constitute a quorum;


3.  Amendments to the bylaws pertaining to term limits of board members and GTCA officers (Section 2, Paragraph C and Section 3, Paragraph B);


4.  Addition of Assistant Treasurer as a GTCA officer;


5.  Sponsorship of a high school age student to take Bob Loring’s Community Organization class at PHCC starting September 5;and


6.  Implementation of the “Trilby Pride Fall Clean Up,” which would involve coordination with the garbage company called Central Carting.  The company would agree to place large construction size dumpsters at strategic places in the community and pick them up on a specific day.


The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.