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Minutes of GTCA Executive Committee Meeting, January 4, 2007

  Agenda    Minutes    By-Laws Amendments


Agenda as prepared by Herb Green, President


Executive Committee Meeting

1/4/2007                 7 pm                      Greater Trilby Community Association


I.       Meeting to Order

II.     Invocation

III.    Function of Executive Committee/Purpose and Composition of the Committee

IV.            Upcoming Annual Meeting required by the By-Laws

V.            Chairman Appointments.

VI.       Plans for the year 2007

Suggested Subjects:

1.   Youth project/Kim’s Play-a-round.

2.   Status of 501(c)(3)

3.   Community Services

a. Access

Shut In / Mobile Access Service

b. Career Central

c. Clothes Locker/Food Pantry Support
d. News Letter
e. St Leo Tutoring

f. Social  

Functions/Parade participation,  

Meeting Programs, etc.

g. Security Patrol


Patrol Vehicle

h. Other


V. Adjournment


Minutes as taken by Richard Riley, Secretary

Meeting began at 7:02 pm

Called to order by Herb Green


In attendance:  Herb Green, President; Kathleen Fink, Vice-President; Richard Riley, Secretary; Kim Rowe, Treasurer; Jeremiah Fink, Board Member. 

Specifically invited but not able to attend:  Scott Black, Board Chair; Marline Sheldon, Board Member.


Herb noted that the funds collected by The Christian Edge and others that we had been holding for Kim were delivered to him.  He will be saving them until all his bills are compiled and his insurance company has come to a final total.  He says that individual bills are still coming in four months after the accident.


Herb opened the discussion on “Function of Executive Committee / Purpose and Composition of the Committee” with the statement that more people are needed to have input to the activities of the Association.  We may need to adjust all the Association meeting dates and their contents. 

Herb appointed Jeremiah to the Ex Comm. as a member representing youth, Pastor Dave Huff, representing religious organizations, and is seeking a “member at large” to help meet with us. 

The Board of Directors do not appear to be able to meet often, but monthly administrative business needs to be done for operation and planning.

Herb also appointed Kathleen to be Chair of the Program and Projects Committee previously held by Denny Mihalinec.


Discussion on upcoming annual meeting was postponed to a future meeting.


Richard provided a draft of two amendments to the by-laws as directed at the last meeting.  They provide for the elimination of term limits and creating a new office of Assistant Treasurer.  With one minor correction, they were accepted by a motion from Kathleen and a second by Kim.  Passed unanimously.  Text of amendments are at end of minutes.  They will be presented at the next Board of Directors meeting and then to the general members at the next meetings.


We had a discussion about the possible cooperation with Kim’s Play-A-Round as a center for youth activities sponsored by GTCA.  It would continue as a regular business, but we could schedule specific monthly or weekly youth and youth/parent events and subsidize them.  More discussion will be needed after we get our 501(c)(3) status and are able to apply for grants.


Regarding the status of the 501(c)(3) application, Richard presented a screen print-out of th IRS page stating that they are now assigning applications to staff which have been received in May of 2006.  Ours was received May 15, so we look forward to their contacting us soon.


The State DCF ACCESS program has been valuable for us to be recognized as an Association providing services to the community.  However, it does take a LOT of time of our volunteers, and they would like us to expand the services by providing shut-in / mobile ACCESS services in northeast Pasco.  This needs to be discussed in the future also.  Hopefully, we can apply for a grant to help pay for people to expand the service.


Kim suggested that the area between US 98 and downtown Trilby is very dark.  He moved that we consider the possibility of paying the monthly charges of up to five street lights in the immediate area around the Trilby House.  Richard will do a survey of the existing lights and find out the costs for additional ones.  Moved by Kim, seconded by Kathleen.  Passed unanimously.


Herb and Richard reported that there has not been a newsletter in three months, and that they would work together to gather information and lay it out for Kathy Riley’s review and editing.  She has taken a full-time seasonal job and has not been able to work on the paper recently.


In other events and activities:


St. Leo’s student tutoring will move to Tuesdays and continue soon.


Richard will have craft classes on Wednesday noon’s soon.


Herb and Kim and Trilby youth / Trailblazers will work on a float for the Dade City County Fair parade.  We will be in a group with the Security Patrol and the C&W dancers who have an event Saturday afternoons at the Trilby United Methodist Church.


Possible event and dates this year:


April 28, 2007 – Spring Festival at the Trilby Park


April – St. Leo Spring Cleanup at County/Colored Cemetery


July 4 – Health fair and fireworks at Trilby Park


September – Children’s Safety Rally


November – St. Leo’s Cleanup at Kathleen’s Indian Village



Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm





January 4, 2007


Be it resolved that the following amendments be passed by the GTCA Board of Directors and then presented to the GTCA members at a general meeting at least 20 days after this approval.


Amendment 1 shall remove the two sections of text indicated by a line and no text will be added.


Article III  Manner of Election

Section 2  Board of Directors

Paragraph C:

C.  The Directors shall be elected for terms of two years from nominees at an annual meeting and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.  At the first election, a simple majority of the Directors will be elected for two-year terms and the remaining will be elected for one-year terms.  Thereafter, all will be elected for two-year terms, with approximately half of the members facing election each year, thereby creating staggered Board membership.


Article III  Manner of Election

Section 3  Officers

Paragraph B:

B.  Officers shall be elected by the Association membership every two years at the annual meeting and serve a two-year term.  A person may be elected to the same office for an additional term only once.


The effect of this amendment would allow existing officers and future officers to serve without term limits.



Amendment 2 shall add the position of Assistant Treasure as an officer of the Association as indicated by the text underlined below.


Article III Manner of Election

Section 3  Officers

Paragraph A

A.  The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and such other Officers with such titles, powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board in a resolution duly adopted for that purpose by a two-thirds vote of the Directors.


Article IV  Powers and Duties

Section 3  Officers

Paragraph E

E.  Assistant Treasurer:  The Assistant Treasurer shall have similar duties as the Treasurer, will report to the Treasurer, and will serve in their place with full powers when directed in writing by the President or Chair of the Board.


The effect of this amendment would be to add an additional officer to the Association.