M08jan20a.doc                      January 20, 2008            Minutes of meeting of Executive Committee

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Corrected and approved at meeting of January 27, 2008 – Richard Riley, Secretary.


The Greater Trilby Community Association

Executive Committee

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Meeting was called to order by Herb Green, 3:04 pm.


Attending:  Herb Green, President, Judy Geiger, Vice President, Kim Rowe, Treasurer, Richard Riley, Secretary, Kathy Riley, Newsletter Editor, Evalyne Green.  Invited, but not able to attend due to family emergency: Denny Mihalinec, Board of Directors member.


Herb described two meetings that he had gone to this week that Denny had set up for the Association. 


On Monday, Herb and Judy met with Joy at Ginny Brown-Waite’s office in Dade City.  Herb thought the meeting was on grant writing, but Denny had told the office that it was on the Lacoochee Industrial Center.  Once it was straightened out that GTCA was not at the meeting to discuss the Lacoochee Industrial Center, they had a good meeting on support in the greater Trilby / Lacoochee area.


On Thursday, Herb went to the Florida Department of Transportation office in Tampa for another meeting that Denny set up.  Herb learned there that FDOT was not looking to donate Peterson Park to GTCA for a homeless center, but would sell it at normal land values.  Herb apologized for the misunderstanding.


Herb expressed to the Committee that there were a concern that Denny was involving the GTCA with his Journey Village homeless project without the full knowledge and planning of the Association. 


Judy expressed concern that the Association needs to be very cautious in the use of its newly acquired 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.  It was discussed that we should not officially express any political opinions.  We should also not seek any grants that have not been pre-approved by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors.  Town Hall meetings, such as the ones on January 7 and January 21, are acceptable, but the Association should not take sides in disputes.


Herb said that he would talk with Denny and ask him to not mention GTCA in association with his homeless project without prior organizational approval.


It was discussed that while Denny had contacted members as to whether they wished to be on the official slate, he had not created his committee or convened it as required in the by-laws.


Herb stated, that under the by-laws, as the president, he has the authority to assign members to committees.  He stated that he is removing Denny from the Nominating Committee and assigning the following people to it.  Kathy Riley, Chair; Judy Geiger, Linda Sherrill and Kim Rowe as Board Members, and Evalyne Green as a general member. 


Judy moved and Kathy seconded a motion to support Herb in his actions concerning Denny Mihalinec’s position on the nominating committee.  Passed unanimously.  Herb stated that he would contact Denny as soon as possible and inform him of the above actions.


Richard reported that there had been one registration with a $29 check as of Saturday, for the Tour de Trilby scheduled for February 9th.  Kim stated that large posters had been printed and delivered to area bike shops.  He expects registrations to start arriving soon.  Richard asked about changes to the news release.  Kim approved of the suggestions by Denny and asked Richard to include Herb’s suggestion of the fact that shorter rides were part of the event.  Richard will add that information and send it out. 


Richard reported that he was still having problems with PayPal and bank account numbers for on-line registration of the Tour de Trilby.  He has asked for technical assistance with PayPal and will try to clear previous uses of the GTCA account.  If this cannot be cleared he will try to set up another bank account.


Next meeting of the Bike Rally Organizing Committee will be Monday, January 28.  Members are:  Kim, Denny, Cpl. Dave Hink, Pastor Dave Huff, Evalyne, and Judy.


Herb stated that the Executive Committee would meet monthly on the third Thursday.  Next two meetings are scheduled for February 21 and March 20.  The annual meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 31, 2008.  Elections will be held at that meeting.  A goal will be to have quarterly general meetings where we present speakers of interest to the community at large.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.