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East Pasco Habitat for Humanity celebrates 11 Years

                                                                  FACT  SHEET

                                                  ELEVENTH  ANNIVERSARY (1994-2005)


What is East Pasco Habitat for Humanity?

East Pasco Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry seeking to eliminate poverty housing, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.  Habitat invites people from all walks of life to work together with families in need.  Since its start in 1994, East Pasco Habitat for Humanity has built 36 houses throughout East Pasco County.


What does East Pasco Habitat for Humanity do and how does it work?

Habitat for Humanity is not a charitable or give-away program.  Habitat builds houses with East Pasco families in need.  Volunteer labor is used to build houses to keep building costs low.  Partner Families invest hundreds of hours of their own labor-sweat equity into building their houses and the houses of others.  As Habitat homeowners pay their mortgages, the money goes into a revolving fund that helps build houses with other families.  East Pasco Habitat for Humanity gives 10 percent of contributions to help build houses in Zambia.


How are Partner Families selected?

We accept applications from local families on an ongoing basis, year-round.  Our Family Selection Committee reviews the applications and chooses families based on need, their willingness to become partners in the program, and their ability to repay the no-interest mortgage.  Neither race, disability, creed, gender, age, nor national origin is a factor in choosing partner families.


Where are East Pasco Habitat for Humanity houses built and who builds them?

We are currently building in Dade City on Tucker Avenue and Canal Street.   When completed, we will have a new subdivision consisting of over 50 Habitat homes.  From 1999-2001, we completed eight homes in the Osceola Street area of Dade City with two additional houses in Dade City, three in Zephyrhills, and one in Crystal Springs.


How big is a Habitat house and how much does one cost?

In East Pasco County, the average selling price for a home is $55,000, which includes land cost.  The typical house built by Habitat has 1,150 square feet of living area with a small storage room and porch.  Most houses have three bedrooms and one bathroom.  These houses do not have garages or carports.  They are affordable to low-income families because there is no profit included in the sale of the house and no interest charged on the mortgage.  The mortgages are financed for 30 years.


How does East Pasco Habitat for Humanity get money to build houses?

East Pasco Habitat for Humanity holds fundraisers throughout the community.  We receive money from churches, businesses, corporations, organizations, and individuals along with support from local cities.


How does East Pasco Habitat for Humanity work with the government?

East Pasco Habitat for Humanity, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, does not accept government funds for the construction of new houses or for the renovation or repair of existing houses.  Habitat does accept government funds for the acquisition of land or houses in need of rehabilitation.  Habitat also accepts government funds for streets, utilities, and administrative expenses as long as the funds have no condition attached that would violate Habitat’s principles or limit its ability to proclaim its Christian witness.


How can I become involved with East Pasco Habitat for Humanity?

There are many different ways that you can volunteer with East Pasco Habitat for Humanity.  We welcome individuals as well as groups to help on the construction.  You can serve on one of our committees:  Building, Church Relations, Family Selection, Family Support, Fundraising, Public Relations, and Site Selection.

 For additional information, you may call our office at 352-567-1444 or email us at epascohh@earthlink.net.