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Trilby Estates Planning


 Regarding the proposed Trilby Estates development:

 Some things need to be addressed about this development. First, the developer needs to step up and take more responsibility for the cost of road paving: $21,000 cannot pave the entranceway 15 feet to my home, much less one mile of road.

 Also, I am very disappointed about the scare tactic issue. I do not like to be pushed into a corner. I feel, and so do many of the 150 residents who attended the Greater Trilby Association meeting recently, like they were telling us that "if you decide to change this plan, we will [apply under] the new comprehensive land use plan and add 167 homes in- stead!"

  I am for working out things and working together with folks. But I live one block from this proposed development. And I'm definitely for new homes coming to our area. We need the tax base to get more county services for example, a community center. But it needs to fit the contour of the area. Trilby Estates looks like a metropolis being dropped in a pasture with trees.

  I thank the county commissioners, especially Ted Schrader and Pat Mulieri, for speaking up and taking a stance for more responsibility on this project.  It is always easy for someone to say I think they are getting a great deal until it is your backyard being rearranged.  Sensible planning or more creativity is needed on this project.

  The railway line bed should be sold to the county and used to extend the state trail from Trilby To Dade City.  I think 34 homes on 10-acre tracts is sufficient for wildlife and our water supply.  New families will be looking for clean fun.  Millions of dollars will still be made by the developers.   

Our group of 50-plus Tri-Community residents plan to be on the watch-





Letter to the editor, June 25, 2006    Pasco Tribune